And so it begins…


Welcome to my new Blog!

My name is Paula and I have been growing organic veg on a small 20m x 4m allotment in central London together with my husband for about 3 years.

Like so many people, we’re very lucky to have our little plot because allotments in London are pretty rare and ours even more so as it happens to be situated in 32 acres of really beautiful ‘countryside’ also known as the Mudchute Park and Farm which is the biggest urban farm in Europe.

For 12 long years I really didn’t think I’d ever have an allotment living where we do so before the allotment I had a container garden located in the car park of our apartment block! Concrete was king and sun limited but I still managed to produce tomatoes, potatoes in bags, cucumbers, aubergines, strawberries, broad beans, kale, spring onions and enough ‘cut and come again’ lettuce to last us all summer! I also learnt how to make our own compost.

During this time I discovered a number of gardening blogs and the people I have met virtually have both inspired and taught me so much over the years, more so than many books that are on offer. As my knowledge has grown so has my interest in sharing my trials and tribulations with others.. and so the blog was born. Hopefully I’ll learn a few new things along the way too!

My plan is to document some of our growing successes and failures as well as various trials such as companion planting. I’ve often read things in magazines and thought “will that really work?”

… well let’s find out!



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