The ‘site inspection’

20150110_150940This weekend we had quite a few jobs to do on the plot such as fix the broken guttering and clear some fallen branches due to the recent windy weather!

Every trip to the plot tends to start in the same way. My little routine generally begins by dropping off any bags in the shed and then heading to the farm cafe to see Greta the owner for a hot cup of tea and a natter. The ‘site inspection’ (cup of tea in hand) can then commence!

I tend to jot down a few jobs for the day during the ‘inspection’ and then when I’m home I update my gardening journal more thoroughly. This week’s list was:

  • Clear up after the wind!
  • Finish mending the front raised bed and fill with compost
  • Test soil and apply lime
  • Top up compost bin and add potash
  • Order some green manure to sown in March

I’ve been following this little routine for the past couple of years and although it’s nothing elaborate, it helps me keep on top of things.

I thought it might be interesting to share my ‘to-do’s and so I’ve dedicated a whole new page to it which I’ll do my best to keep updated!

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