Glorious Garlic!

This is the second year we have over-wintered garlic. Last year at the advice of the previous plot holder we planted two whole bulbs in pots to avoid the bulbs sitting in the cold wet clay soil during the colder months. We had some considerable success albeit a bit small so it spurred us on to try again another year!

This time around we have raised the bar and dedicated a little more room to our garlic production with the aim of having enough bulbs to make a plait!

Back in November we chose a raised bed right at the top of the plot as it’s the one free draining bed we have that receives the most sun throughout all seasons. We added a good amount of compost and organic fertiliser and then planted the cloves approx. 10cm apart.

We’re growing both hard and soft neck varieties. The hard neck is called Lautrec Wight Seed which is reputed to be the best tasting of all the French garlics and the soft neck is the same as last year, Early Purple Wight. Once harvested the hard neck should keep until the following February and soft neck a little earlier, more like the November.

As you can see they seem to be doing OK and long may it last. I’ll keep you posted!

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