What will the future bring?

It’s that time of the year again when I find myself daydreaming about how the plot might ‘be’ this year. Will it be fertile? Will it be productive? What will fail? What will thrive and what might be this year’s real successes?

It’s not normally too long before my attention is drawn to that magical first year and the absolute excitement I felt knowing that the shiny brass allotment gate key was coming home with me and I could use it whenever I wanted!

Here’s a few pics from the first year.

Feb 2014 (2)
First day on the plot – Feb 2014

We soon got to work and in no time it started to look a lot better!

March 2014a
March 2014

We even found some onions from the previous plot holder and a tiny Christmas tree!

Feb 2014
Free crops!

Barrow loads of home made compost went in to regenerate the tired beds.

June 2014

But we made it through the first year to see a magical (albeit a bit scruffy) Boxing Day sunrise!

Boxing Day 2014


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