The year of the carrot cont….

So here we are….. poised for greatness!

D-day was Thursday as I took an extra day’s holiday ahead of the Easter break and I’m very glad I did as it was pretty much the perfect blue sky spring day with temperatures around 12o. I also managed to avoid storm Katie!

My sowing method:

  • Last Autumn I filled a raised bed with homemade compost and covered over for the winter. A couple of weeks ago I then mixed through a few handfuls of chicken manure pellets to give everything a boost of goodness
  • Directly before sowing I added 2 inches of shop bought sterile compost on top of the bed. I drew three rows (I find a garden cane produces the perfect drill), watered, taking care only to water the drill and not the surrounding soil, sprinkled the line with Nantes 2 carrots and then smoothed the dry soil back over the top. I’m hopeful this technique will mean the tiny carrot seedlings will not have to compete with any weed seedlings until they’ve established. Our homemade compost is also a bit on the heavy side so I want the carrots to be a reasonable size before the long tap root hits the heavier layer
  • Apart from any ad-hoc rain they may encounter I will not water again for at least 2 weeks

It’s worth mentioning that I chose Nantes 2 because they are recommended as a good reliable variety for early sowing under protection. Fast maturing, should grow to 15cm long and out the ground and on a plate by June so that I can then sow Autumn King and Eskimo’s for a winter crop. Bonus!

Once the weather improves I’ll replace the fleece with hoops and netting as a barrier to carrot root fly. I’ll also sow the Purple Haze carrots as they are a bit trickier to establish in uncertain weather!

All I need to do now is keep the slugs at bay!



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