Love what you grow!

What creative ways have you tried when carrying your precious cargo of seeding to their final home?

Without a car or greenhouse it doesn’t matter how careful I am, something inevitably is crushed on route from windowsill to plot and I then spend a period of time with baited breath and fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!

I’ve been completing this tender job for the past couple of weeks and this weekend was no exception!

In the current preferred mode of transport (free at my local supermarket!) are:

  • Blue Scabios, a friend of ours gave us a bunch last year and I thought they were just the most gorgeous flower that I had to try and grow some this year! They will be planted alongside the path next to our carrot bed sometime in May/June
  • Calendula so that our tomatoes are not lonely while also keeping greenfly away
  • Mexican Marigolds, I have high hopes these killing machines are going to exterminate the last of our couch grass. They look pretty ugly so I’m mixing them in with some Nasturtium’s and Nicotiana
  • Tomatoes, these have been FAR too happy on the windowsill and now have to toughen up
  • Three newly purchased Ferns to provide shelter around the pond and a beautiful red Saxifrage also destined for the wildlife area

I hope to be sharing more of our wildlife area with you soon as it’s just beginning to spring into life. We decided to create it last summer and throughout the winter it’s been a fascinating journey of discovery! We have since established a number of fruit bushes, installed a pond and planted lots of woodland bulbs. Here’s some of the resources I’ve found really helpful RHS, RSPB.

You can often find me on the bench watching the many birds steal a mealworm or two from the feeder!

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