A little Cornish adventure..to the Amazon via the Mediterranean

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you will have noticed that I’ve had nothing to say for a couple of weeks!

Well I have… but I’ve been on a little Cornish adventure to celebrate my first wedding anniversary. So instead I gathered my thoughts and photo’s and I’m here to share them with you today!

One of the holiday highlights was a trip to the Eden Project and it was such an incredibly inspiring place I just had to make this my first post back in the real world!

The Eden project which is in fact an educational charity, opened in 1995 and although I visited back then, I haven’t been back since which is shame on me considering how often we visit Cornwall! It has changed a lot and I’d encourage anyone who either hasn’t been or hasn’t been for a while to go!

The project itself is split into two Biom’s, one Rain Forest Biom and a Mediterranean one. Can you guess which pictures belong in which?

I was also really pleased to see a huge vegetable growing area which included so many crops that I too am growing at home back in London. I was slightly jealous of the heat in the Biom’s as the crops were much further advanced than mine!

There is also an extensive outside space with lots of hidden areas and gardens to discover. My favourite place was the allotment patch as it felt like a home from home and made me miss my little patch a lot. I took away lots of ideas though and I’ve definitely been inspired to grow Anemones next year for sure!

PS. the little frog was about the size of my thumbnail and I was SO lucky to have had my camera to hand!

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