The year of the carrot June update

I thought I’d give you all a quick progress update on the carrot bed today…

To be honest, I have had to re-sow this bed a number of times. Probably due to the slug population seemingly tripling this year following the warm winter but also the Early Nantes seeds were a little patchy in coming through. Most of the carrots you can see in the bed therefore are Purple Haze.

Dominating the space on the right are the Tender and True parsnips which were re-sown twice and will need some thinning out in the near future. They seem sturdy little seedling though so I have high hopes for them! Also in the bed, if you look REALLY closely are a few French Breakfast radishes.

For now though, this is serious progress on any other year so I am well chuffed!

If you have read my earlier post you will already know of my ambition to have some winter carrots for Christmas dinner! To give me the best possible chance of this happening, I planted a second batch of carrots at the weekend having lifted our autumn sown garlic. To hedge my bets I sowed three different varieties and the chosen three were Eskimo, St Valerie (a late entrant) and Autumn King.

Baby steps I know but with my current success I’m currently riding the crest of a wave!

Carrot bed june

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