Weekend jobs, end of July!

Sunday was quite a productive, sunny day on the plot in many ways. In the morning I took part in our annual ‘plot inspection’.

As a newly appointed committee member I’d not been part of this before so I really wasn’t sure what to expect but the basic premise is to ensure plots are being used appropriately and kept in good condition. With a closed waiting list and more than 60 people waiting, it’s an important job. For me though it was nice strolling around and meeting lots of new people plus gaining inspiration from what other people grow.. or don’t grow in some cases!

Back on my plot, one of the main tasks I wanted to get done was deadhead the calendula to prolong the flowing season. Our neighbouring plot has a large border full of calendula which has already set seed so I knew the job was pressing. It actually took me a lot longer that I’d anticipated.. ..well over and hour and my back was breaking by the time I’d finished but I’m pleased with the results and it should give us a new flush of colour for some time to come now.

The front bed… there’s lots more than this!


The next job was to tackle the tomatoes. Although I’m growing blight resistant varieties, some of the plants did succumb a couple of weeks back quite severely and I had no choice but to rip them up. Unfortunately our next door neighbour is not so obliging. Every single one of his tomato plants has blight and as it’s an airborne fungus, we’re right in the firing line! I know the toms’s days are now numbered so it’s become a mad dash to get them across the finishing line!

To do this I chopped off all the tops to concentrate their efforts in ripening the fruit rather than growing any taller or producing any new trusses. I also thinned the leaves considerably to maximise airflow and sunlight.

I’ve read that treating them a bit mean by limiting water supply can speed up the ripening process so I’m giving that a go.

Toms ripening

The next job of the day was to cover the brassica bed. In previous years we have used butterfly netting and we have suffered quite severely with white fly. This year we’ve gone for fine mesh and I’ve been buying it whenever it’s been on sale as we need quite a lot!

While inspecting the plants I found a few caterpillars which I was really disappointed about as I thought I’d be trouble free but I applied a good dose of ‘squishing’ so that… fingers crossed should do the trick!


Last job of the day was to sit back and have a cup of tea while admiring the first proper harvest of the year!

First harvest


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