And breath…

On the allotment I frequently find it easy to lose all sense of time and perspective to a long list of to-do’s.

From the moment the plants are in the ground the nurturing begins.. weed, feed, water, tie-up, tie-in, pinch out, cut back, cover up, repeat and if you’re lucky, there’s a fair bit of harvesting to do too.

With so much going on and so little time I therefore sometimes find it hard to just sit back, relax and really notice what’s going on.

That is until recently a comment on my Instagram made me stop and think. I mentioned that I was sitting back and admiring the view and a fellow Instagrammer reminded me that I could also sit back and watch things grow. A subtle difference but a difference no less and one that helped me avoid a small disaster this weekend!

I’ve written about my little plot rituals before and today’s plot inspection revealed….

Sunday’s to-do’s:

  1. Stake giant sunflower that had blown over
  2. Water
  3. Cut back flowers that had been crushed by said sunflower
  4. Water!
  5. Harvest onions and lay out to dry
  6. Weed carrot bed and succession sow last batch of the year
  7. Decide what to do with sweetpeas that had gone to seed
  8. Water!!
  9. Sort out salad that had gone to seed in the hot weather
  10. Cut off or pot up strawberry runners… decisions, decisions!
  11. Water!!
  12. General tidy and harvest
  13. Did I mention water?

Oh and also I needed to….

  1. Apply some Epsome Salts to rectify the magnesium deficiency on the pumpkins
  2. Feed the tomatoes and courgettes as it’s been 2 weeks since I’d done that
  3. Check the brassica bed for caterpillar’s/eggs
  4. Prepare the newly empty potato bed ready for the winter brassica’s

S.T.O.P! I’m getting tired just writing this! No wonder so many new plot holders take on a space to find it becomes completely daunting very quickly!

At this point I found myself at the top of the plot surrounded by a sea of purple and orange flowers gently humming, full to the brim with bees totally engrossed in collecting, rolling and completely covering themselves in as much pollen as they could manage! While watching with utter fascination at this beautiful creature, I realised my phobia of bees had almost completely gone! Progress indeed!

My attention then turned to the very familiar sounds and smells that make the plot so special to me. From the rustling of the trees and the bright green squawking, pooing parakeets overhead to the pigs, sheep and donkey’s being fed on the farm in the distance. A squeaky wheelbarrow of a fellow plot holder, the purring of a rotivator and the running water of the reserves refilling. The smells most synonymous with the plot at this time of year are sweetpeas, grass clippings and BBQs! I was back in the room and decided all I wanted to do was have a stroll around to see what was growing… and a lot was!

If I hadn’t stopped to think that day I would also have missed this little chap about to devour my Christmas dinner!


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