Climbing beautifully

Earlier this year I attended a wicker weaving course with the aim of making a garden obelisk. I’d always wanted one and the opportunity to require the skills to make my own, now and in the future really appealed to me.

The half day course cost £35 and it was great fun. There is no doubt they were a little fiddly to make to begin with and quite a lot of space with a table is needed but once I got the nac, I actually had enough time to make two!

So, what’s my fascination with obelisk’s you may ask?

Well, space is pretty tight on our plot so I’m always looking for ways to extend the growing area and I figured that if I could grow climbing pumpkin’s and squash upwards and larger varieties sprawling around below, I could double the size of my pumpkin patch! So that’s what I did… and it’s working very well!

Growing up the obelisk are Munchkin and Red Kuri.

One of the things I enjoy most about growing climbing varieties is that wherever I am on the plot, they never fail to catch my eye. It’s so exciting to see them getting bigger week on week like little orange jewels! I’m sure pollinators can access them more easily too as well as receiving more sunlight and air. They definitely are growing away quicker than those below.

The only thing I would do differently is position them in open ground rather then next to another crop. I hadn’t anticipated the brussel sprouts having a vintage year and at double the size of any sprout I have ever grown, they have now encroached the space a little.

In short, obelisks are a thing of beauty plus functionally brilliant and certainly a talking point on our plot!



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