Losetto – the star of the show!

No matter what kind of tomato you like to grow…big, small, red, yellow, striped or black, the choice is yours and it’s endless. Whether you grow them indoors or outdoors, you can almost hear a unanimous cry from every grow your own devote on the planet that tomatoes are ‘THE’ thing that you just cannot beat for taste picked strait from the plant and popped in your mouth. Yum!

Obviously everyone will have slightly different criteria for their favourite varieties to grow but I selected mine based on:

  • Size and use – I wanted cherries for salads and a large type for soups and sauces
  • Disease resistance – blight is a big problem every year on our allotment
  • Climate and space – I don’t have much space, plus the UK weather can be patchy at best and its often windy on our site

So I chose Losetto (Bush) and Ferline (Cordon) and I have to say the Losetto have been unbelievably good this year!

I planted six plants in open ground outside in mid May and by early July we were picking the first crop. They have been so prolific I’ve taken to freezing large batches on a weekly basis because we can’t eat them quick enough!

Let’s face it, at nearly £4 for 6 seeds they are not cheap but if you are thinking of taking a punt on blight free tomatoes next year, you can’t go far wrong with this hard working variety I think!

I’ll definitely be growing them again next year but the only thing I would change is to plant them in a container or basket as they do make rather a scruffy bush in open ground giving easy access to slugs.


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