March and April are busy months for the humble food grower but I find September and October are also very busy. There’s lots to harvest, store and preserve along with caring for winter crops and preparing to do it all again next year. Exciting but busy times!

In recent weeks I’ve been taking down bean canes, preparing beds for garlic and overwintering onions plus spreading lots of manure.

The process of clearing and preparing spent beds has given me the ideal opportunity to reflect on this years crops.

One of the great joys were the sun flowers as having never grown them before, I hadn’t anticipated the excitement they would evoke in me. I’ve enjoyed so much recording their progress! Here they are in all their 9ft glory.

A lot lower down on the ground I took the opportunity to gain a number of free strawberry plants and so potted up some runners. I used multi purpose compost and a little wire to hold the runner down until the roots establish and then hay presto! I will  grow  these on and transplant into the strawberry bed around November.

Here’s the last of the spuds coming up. These are the Sarpo Mira. It’s not been a great crop this year as we suffered blight and considerable slug damage but I have enough stored for Christmas dinner so I’m happy!

A couple of weeks ago I also took delivery of two blueberry plants. They are quite small plants so I decided to keep them in pots for a year or two allowing me to ensure they have just the right amount of acidic soil to thrive. Fingers crossed they do anyway as I love blueberries!

My next job is to plant garlic and onions so that will probably be my next blog!

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