It’s been a great year!

Earlier this year I decided that this was going to be The year I became an accomplished carrot grower! Sounds funny I know, and its not exactly in my top three life goals, but I’ve never quite mastered growing a good carrot which bothered me!

After a slow start and a few failed attempts the carrots made an appearance.. it was show time!

My origonal plan was to sow Nantes 2 allowing me to get an early crop but I’m sorry to say the crop completely failed. Perhaps I had a duff batch of seeds?

The Purple Haze variety were this year’s wild card and as the saying goes.. the camera doesn’t lie! Just look at these small, spindly, tasteless results.

My last roll of the dice saw me sowing Eskimo and Autumn King in early summer and by late August miraculously I lifted my first sweet orange roots and ever since they have been coming thick and fast!

And of course the obligatory rude one!

I’ve concluded my success is 100% due to the new raised bed which elevated the roots far enough above the thick clay soil to swell and lengthen sufficiently and the sifted soil (which I was careful not to add any manure to) meant the roots didn’t fork.
It’s so nice knowing that I’ve grown (excuse the pun) as a gardener this year and I hope to replicate my success in the future!

P.S. it looks like the parsnips are also coming along nicely in the same bed!


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