The elephants went in two by two hurrah, hurrah!

Over the past two weeks I’ve been asked the same question by three different but similary curious plot holders. The conversation has gone something along these lines…

Plot holder: “Why haven’t you pulled up your leeks yet Paula?”

Me: “Because they’re not leeks”

Plot holder: “They look like leeks”

Me: “I know but they are garlic…. elephant garlic. I’m hoping they’ll be the size of a fist when I harvest them!”

Plot holder: “Oooooooh”. Silence.

We grew normal sized garlic last year and it did really well. I wrote about it here.

We’ve not grown Elephant garlic before though so I’m hoping the four beauties purchased from The Isle Of Wight Garlic Farm are going to live up to their reputation!

When buying elephant garlic you purchase individual cloves rather than a whole bulb as with normal size garlic. Just look at the size of the cloves I planted last October!

The garlic farm has a fantastic ‘how to grow guide’ which I followed and I’d recommend this and their seed garlic as it’s produced well for us for two years running.

Some might think strange, but I’m sure amusement will be had, I’ve invited my fellow plot holders to harvest the bulbs with me in about three weeks time. The stakes are high but I’ve got high hopes!!

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