This year has been brilliant. We welcomed Pip into our lives who has brought with her so much happiness, laughter and love. I spent two inspiring days with one of my gardening heroes who completely changed the way I garden forever. I purchased my first (and only) grownup bike which I love to ride and ‘Briiiiiing’ its little bell as I wiz on by… joy oh joy! I turned 40 and was gifted the best pair of killer heels a girl could possibly wish for in the world and I’ve had the most successful year on the allotment EVER. I’m Happy.

The allotment for me has become my haven. It anchors me and transports me away from my busy London life. I sit on our little wooden bench sipping tea (sometimes naughtily eating chips from Greta at the café), planning for the day, reflecting on my progress and daydreaming about tomorrow. I walk the paths inspecting the beds, tying in trusses, pruning out stragglers, watering, weeding, feeding, harvesting and nurturing.

The allotment doesn’t cost me much and saves me lots of money. It’s not about that though is it? It’s that little bit of inner peace, a magical moment on a rainy day, a natter with friends and a sense of achievement that makes my space my happy place.

Find Your Happy.

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