Planting onions

Until last Sunday, at the end of my brassica bed there was a little patch of empty ground. It’s where I had an obelisk of Munchkin Pumpkins which I harvested last month. I was intending to cover it over for the winter but a chance conversation with a fellow allotment holder change my mind and I’m now going to grow some onions.

The recommendation was to grow Japanese onions sets because they can be planted now and should overwinter well. I bought a variety called Radar which are said to be ultra-hardy in the severest of winters with a mild and crisp flavour and ready for harvest late Spring next year.

Onions are pretty cheap to buy in the supermarket but there’s something lovely about growing your own. Plus they tend to be far stronger and more flavoursome so you use less. 80 bulbs cost around £3.45 and if they all come to fruition, would cost be about £20.00 in the supermarket.

If you’re thinking of growing some onions, here’s how I planted mine.

  • Firstly I covered the soil with about 2 inches of compost to supress any weed seeds and give the spoil a natural boost
  • Onions like a nice firm bed to root into so I shuffled around a bit with my boots
  • A little sprinkle of water later and I was ready to plant the sets out
  • The spacing I used was 10cm apart between each onion and 20cm between each row
  • I made a hole with by dibber about 1.5cm deep, just so that the tops of the onion poked out the top
  • Lastly I covered the whole thing with netting to protect the young bulb from greedy birds and squirrels. Once I see the first green shoots I’ll take the netting off and that will be that until next Spring when I’ll give them a little feed and last minute boost before harvesting around June

Fingers crossed for a bumper crop!


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