Winter is just around the corner but I’m not slowing down!

Although I’m putting half of the allotment to bed for winter, in the other half it’s pretty active so I thought I’d give you a little tour!

In the Brassica bed I’ve had the first and quite bad attack of white fly. Sooty mould has started to spread so I’ve used an organic spray. I find it hard this time of year to rely on companion planting to protect my crops because most have died off and insect netting does not stop the infestation occurring. If anyone has any good ideas do let me know!

Apart from that, they are looking pretty good and I’ve harvested my first Calebrese of the season. Calebrese is one of those crops that can be expensive in the shops but dead easy to grow and it just keeps on giving! Once the top has been cut off, the plant springs into action and produces a flurry of edible side shoots so I’m really excited to see what happens with the two plants I have.

I’ve also been busy in the polytunnel. This is the first time I’ve had the luxury of a polytunnel through winter and I’ve needed to research what to grow! About a month ago I sowed some spring onions, Winter Density lettuce, rocket, perpetual spinach and sorrel into modules and after replenishing the polytunnel beds with fresh compost I planted them out. My main concern are snails and slugs as they have been seeking warmth inside the tunnel and munching on the young leafy greens. I’ve installed some beer traps so that should help.

You can also see in these pictures the water irrigation system which I have rigged up to a waterbutt. During the cold winter months it’s even more important than usual not to soak the leaves as this can create the perfect storm for all sorts of bacterial infection. It’s best to water the soil only and this way your leaves should remain crisp, healthy and green!

Back In the kitchen, now that Autumnal dark nights have set it, regular Sunday roasts are back on the menu (hooray) and fresh seasonal greens have been a very welcome addition. We’ve been eating carrots, parsnips, kale, herbs, potatoes and beans from the freezer. Such a nourishing hug on a plate!










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