Gardening Goals – Hazel Poles


Back in 2016 we visited River Cottage (which I’ve written about before) and couldn’t help but fall in love with their hazel bean poles.

When I got back to London I set about buying some for our allotment but a few months later I conceded it wasn’t meant to be when I could find no London stockists. Well, none within the M25 serviced by London transport or prepared to deliver to Zone 2 anyway!

That year I rather crestfallingly pulled out my garden canes and it’s taken me all this time to finally track down a supplier who happens to be a new independent coppiser working some North London woods with a small pop up shop in South Woodford! Can you imagine my excitement?!!

I finally got my hands on some

So on a very wet, cold day in January we made the trip to South Woodford and I achieved the first part of my gardening goal.

I bought 24 1.8m poles for about £40 and plan to use them to support two lots of beans, climbing cucumbers and tomatoes.

It’s not all about looks

Since I got my allotment 5 years ago we have steadily become more sustainable and environmentally friendly so choosing the right alternative to garden canes or plastic coated poles was an important consideration. These poles feel so sturdy and should last for years to come.

As well as being beautiful they blend in so naturally with the ebb and flow of our woodland allotment and it’s much easier for beans, peas, cucumbers etc. to grip their tendrils and climb around the hazel due to the minute nooks and crannies in the bark. This means they will grow away quicker and become healthier plants in the process.

It was a workout putting them up!

And finally, on the hottest and bluest day of the year they finally went up and boy was I excited!

You can see in this picture that I spaced the two rows about a meter apart and each individual pole about 50cm apart. On the bean row I will create extra supports closer together by using twine tied to the horizontal pole and pegged into the ground with a distance of about 20cm.

I secured them together with my new Nutscene twine for an extra rustic look and can’t wait for them to be dripping with fresh goodies!

The poles will be home to:


  • Czar
  • Scarlet Emperor
  • Cobra
  • Borlotti
  • Lazy Housewife pole bean


  • Burpless Tasty Green


  • Ferline
  • Fantasio
  • Crimson Crush

And here’s the finished look. It all seems to be coming together finally so let’s hope the blue skies are here to stay!


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