My best harvest of onions ever!

Back in October a chance encounter with a fellow plot holder convinced me to try growing some winter onions. All previous attepts hadn’t quite worked for me and more often than not, ended in a soggy bottom or a soft neck. Let’s face it, nobody wants that do they!

However, the planet’s must have aligned as the very next day a plethorah of seeds catalogues popped through the letterbox and a Japanese variety called Radar caught my eye. Said to be ultra hardy in the harshest of winters I was intrigued enough to throw down the gauntlet and have a go! Not on my own I might add as I enlisted the allotment onion guru to give me a crash course on onion planting first!

Through one of the wetest and coldest winters we’ve had in London for a long time they sat in their little compost holes waiting for spring and when it eventually came.. boy did they grow!!

I can’t tell you how many people have asked me what these onions are. They have been a real show stopper and conversation starter. I’ve even met a few new plot holders!

By the time I harvested them this week the soil was so dry I just pulled them up as I couldn’t get the fork through the soil.

I’m dead chuffed though and will be planting a new batch in October!

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