The Shed

So here are a few pictures from our first year.

Feb 2014 (2)
First day on the plot – Feb 2014

We soon got to work and in no time it started to look a lot better!

March 2014a
March 2014

We even found some onions from the previous plot holder and a tiny Christmas tree!

Feb 2014
Free crops!

Barrow loads of home made compost went in the beds to be followed by tomato plants. In hindsight these went in the ground too early and remained a bit unhealthy all summer but they were becoming really pot bound and there was nothing else to do. First lesson learnt!

By mid-year the shed was nearly hidden by Jerusalem Artichokes which have now gone. It took months of digging.. and re-digging them out!

Sweet peas did really well so did out Vibrant strawberries. I would recommend these to anyone!

June 2014

We made it through he first year to see a magical, albeit a bit scruffy Boxing Day!

Boxing Day 2014