The elephants went in two by two hurrah, hurrah!

My allotment neighbours think I’m growing leeks.. keep reading to find out why I’m not!

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The sweet smell of success!

Garlic…I love it! I love it so much it’s been on my ‘must grow crops’ list for a while so one cold November day last year and with a cup of homemade tomato soup in hand; we set about planting up our chosen bed. I wrote about it here. Having researched the types of garlic […]

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Glorious Garlic!

This is the second year we have over-wintered garlic. Last year at the advice of the previous plot holder we planted two whole bulbs in pots to avoid the bulbs sitting in the cold wet clay soil during the colder months. We had some considerable success albeit a bit small so it spurred us on to try again […]

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