To Do List

To do

To buy

  • Wool slug pellets and bran for lettuce patch
  • Fertilisers – Fish blood and bone and chicken manure pellets
  • Rock dust x 2 bags
  • Shed paint, wood filler and cement ahead of Easter holidays
  • Bird feed – meal worms and suet pellets
  • Pond plants



  • Remove couch grass in onion bed ready for planting in April
  • Scatter sulphate of potash around soft fruit
  • Sprinkle chicken manure pellets around PSB for a boost
  • Empty compost bin and apply to beds
  • Apply fish blood and bone to strawberry bed and trim back old foliage
  • Apply manure to onion bed
  • Make in-situ compost trenches for bean bed (I’m a bit late with this!)
  • Add sand to carrot bed
  • Plant green manure in front bed ahead of May plantings
  • Hire car!